Google has been spotted promoting the Pixel 8 on Search’s homepage. While Pixel phones are still relatively unpopular compared to the likes of Samsung and Apple smartphones, Google Search on the other hand is a monopoly of sorts in the search engine department. So it appears Google is leveraging Search to draw in eye balls (and potential purchases) on the Pixel 8 series.

Google has a well-established pattern of using its own powerful search engine to advertise its latest hardware and software offerings. Now tech giant is zeroing in on the Google Pixel 8, featuring a prominent “Try the new Google Pixel 8” message accompanied by an “Upgrade now” call to action on the Google Search homepage. This new prompt was spotted by 9to5Google.


Deviating from the usual placement below the search bar, this promotion occupies a prime spot in the top-right corner of Google Search. The message boldly states, “Built with Pixel’s most advanced chip and Google AI to help you do more.” While subtly downplaying the camera – a traditional strong point of Pixel devices – this messaging heavily emphasizes the power of the new Tensor G3 chip and Google’s ever-evolving AI capabilities. This focus aligns perfectly with recent advancements like the Gemini Nano AI development.

Interestingly, clicking on the promotion doesn’t directly take users to the Pixel 8 or 8 Pro product pages. Instead, it redirects to the Google Store’s general phone category. This could be a deliberate tactic by Google to showcase its range of Pixel devices before guiding users to the latest flagship.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this promotion is that its design, featuring the Google logo, is typically reserved for account security and sign-in prompts. This signifies a marked shift in how Google utilizes its search platform for marketing purposes.

By cleverly integrating marketing messages within its core product, Google enjoys unparalleled access to a massive global audience, enabling it to shape consumer perceptions and boost its own hardware like the Pixel 8 with remarkable ease.

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