While Android phones have steadily evolved into formidable gaming devices, many popular games are still oddly locked at 60fps. This means that even if your Pixel boasts a 120Hz display, the smoothness you might experience in the core interface won’t always translate to your games. But Android 15 could change the gaming experience on your Pixel for the better.

A new hidden feature tucked away in Android 15’s developer options suggests a future where games could be forced to run at your Pixel’s native refresh rate, resulting in a far more fluid gaming experience. The technical details uncovered by Android Authority about how this works are a bit complex, but here’s the gist.

This isn’t currently meant for everyday users, so it’s hidden deep within Developer Options, indicating that Google wants developers to test it. It’ll also only work on games that don’t already set their own frame rate limits. Many games are carefully optimized for specific performance targets, so don’t expect this to become a magic bullet for every title. There’s also potential for developers to integrated this into a more user-friendly setting (perhaps within the Game Dashboard).


If you’re a serious mobile gamer always hungry for the smoothest possible experience, Android 15 holds promise. Imagine the difference on supported titles – faster refresh rates could translate into seeing more detail while blazing down a virtual track in a racing game, giving you a split-second advantage for tighter cornering. In shooters where reaction time is key, spotting enemies and lining up shots might feel far more responsive, potentially improving accuracy. Even simple puzzle or card games might feel snappier and more enjoyable to play with silky-smooth animations.

It’s important to temper expectations. Not every game will benefit, and this feature might even introduce instability into games that were designed with a 60fps target in mind. Your Pixel’s hardware will still be the ultimate limiting factor – demanding games will likely still need throttling settings for a playable experience.

While it’s too early to fully quantify the impact, Android 15’s frame rate-unlocking feature indicates Google is taking mobile gaming seriously. This could drive developers to optimize their games for higher refresh rates on capable devices. While Google Pixel phones aren’t marketed as gaming phones, I’d like to be able to at least indulge in games while taking full advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate display.

If you’re into mobile gaming, Android 15 is definitely an update to keep an eye on. Either way, what are your thoughts about this exciting new feature heading to your Pixel and other Android phones with Android 15? Let us know in the comments below.

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