Google has begun to roll out its Gemini update for Google Messages users on eligible Pixel and other Android devices, but the excitement has been dampened for users residing within the European Union (EU). In what seemingly points to complications surrounding the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA), Google has excluded all 27 member states from the initial rollout of Gemini in the Messages app.

Announced last month, Gemini promises a new level of functionality for the Messages app. To access it, users must not only be enrolled in the Google Messages beta program but also meet several additional criteria. These include having Rich Communication Services (RCS) enabled, using a personal Google Account (intended for those 18 and over), setting their language to English (or French in Canada), and owning a supported device like the Pixel 6 or newer, Samsung Galaxy S22 and newer phones, or Samsung foldable phones. If qualified, you can check out this guide on how to start a chat with Gemini in Google Messages.

EU users who meet these requirements will definitely be disappointed with this move barring them from trying out Gemini in Messages solely based on their location. However, it’s still unclear if this omission is temporary while Google navigates the complexities of the DMA or signals a larger potential issue when it comes to Google’s product rollouts within the EU.

Interestingly, several other countries across Europe have been included on the initial list of over 165 supported countries, among them Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Israel, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine. A notable miss is the UK, which left the EU in 2020.

For now, EU residents have no choice but to wait for official communication from Google regarding the missing Gemini support in Messages. I’m not sure why it wasn’t mentioned in the initial rollout, but we will be following closely and update this article in case of any news, so stay tuned.

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