Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii recently brought a concerning issue to light, and unfortunately, I’ve been able to confirm its existence on multiple Android devices, including Google Pixel. It seems both Google Assistant and its successor, Gemini, have developed a frustrating habit of deleting all your active alarms when asked to simply pause or turn them off.

This issue doesn’t seem limited to Pixel phones or even those enrolled in any beta programs. As long as you’ve set your alarms using the Google Clock app on a Google Assistant-enabled Android phone, a simple “Hey Google, pause all alarms” or “Ok Google, turn off my alarms” deletes them entirely. This isn’t the expected behavior, but I’ve found it only happens with alarms in the Google Clock app and not third-party clock apps.

The screenshot below shows all alarms in the Google Clock app.

Google Clock showing alarms

Here, Google Assistant clearly says all alarms have been canceled when asked to pause them.


But rather than cancel the alarms, Google Assistant deletes all of them from the clock app. As noted, this also happens when using Gemini.


The issue is bizarre and incredibly inconvenient. Imagine setting multiple alarms for work, only to wake up late after attempting to snooze them. I’ve personally tested this and I can only imagine the frustration it would have caused had it happened to me, which begs the question – how long has this bug been lurking within Google’s software?

Hopefully, the Google Assistant team addresses this odd glitch that deletes alarms promptly. Until then, anyone relying on Google Assistant or Gemini for their wake-up calls might want to double-check those alarms after any interaction with the assistant.

Below is a video of the issue shared by one of those affected on X:

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