A fresh hoax claiming that Gmail would be shutting down caused a stir on the internet. While the news turned out to be false, it did get us thinking: what if it was true? What would happen to the millions of Gmail users around the world? In this article, we’ll explore this hypothetical scenario and provide some alternatives to Gmail, both popular and privacy-focused. But before diving in, let’s just briefly talk about the hoax.

Gmail shutting down hoax

The first post claiming Gmail is shutting down was from an account on X with the username @SHL0MS. They posted a manipulated image of what appeared to be an email notice from Google claiming that the company is going to sunset Gmail on August 1, 2024.

Like with some other hoaxes, this spread like wildfire, especially after a similar post appeared on the popular @growing_daniel account. For those unfamiliar, this is the same person who trolled CNBC claiming to be a fired Twitter employee named ‘Rahul Ligma’ when Musk took over.

Of course, Google scrambled to quickly bury the rumor. The official ‘Gmail’ account on X made a post saying “Gmail is here to stay.” However, as far-fetched as it might sound, Google has a knack of killing off services on a whim. As hilariously pointed out by the Killed by Google account, Google said something similar when rumors about Stadia shutting down began circulating:

Now, we all know what happened to Stadia shortly after Google said it won’t shut down. Many others also posted hilarious memes in the mix. We’ve picked a few for you to LOL over:


With that, let’s get back to the main discussion.

What if Gmail actually shut down?

In a hypothetical scenario where Gmail were to shut down, the consequences would be far-reaching. Gmail has become an integral part of global communication, so its sudden disappearance would cause widespread disruption. Individuals would face challenges in maintaining personal and professional interactions, and the potential loss of years of emails and important attachments could be devastating. Since Google accounts link to numerous services within their ecosystem, a Gmail shutdown would have a ripple effect, causing issues with platforms like Google Drive and YouTube. Businesses of all sizes rely on Gmail for their operations; a shutdown would cause work stoppages and potentially severe financial losses.

Gmail alternatives

Thankfully, if such an event were to occur, several strong email providers could step in to replace Gmail. Established names like Outlook (Microsoft), Yahoo! Mail, and Zoho Mail offer mature platforms with different strengths. Outlook.com boasts a familiar interface and Microsoft integration, while Zoho Mail is a great choice for businesses with its collaboration features. For those prioritizing privacy, ProtonMail and Tutanota are excellent options, with their emphasis on end-to-end encryption. Newer alternatives like Fastmail are gaining popularity due to their focus on speed, reliability, and customer service.

Elon Musk’s Xmail to replace Gmail?

While established alternatives like Outlook and ProtonMail already serve millions of users, this hypothetical Gmail shutdown has increased interest in ‘Xmail’. An X employee poked fun at the situation by posting “When we making XMail?,” to which Elon Musk replied “It’s coming.”

Several users claim they’d drop Gmail in favor of Xmail if and when the service launches. Of course, even though Elon Musk himself said it’s coming, we’d suggest taking this news with a grain of salt. And even if Musk’s Gmail alternative launches, the transition away from Gmail would not be without its hurdles. Users might face a frantic process of exporting and transferring their valuable emails and contacts. Learning the ins and outs of a new email system would take time and adjustment. Moreover, if a shutdown was unexpected, some users might struggle to regain trust in the stability of any email provider.

While it’s important to emphasize that a Gmail shutdown is highly improbable, this hypothetical scenario highlights the value of preparedness. Maintaining backups of important information and occasionally familiarizing yourself with alternative email providers can drastically smooth a potential transition, should the need arise.


To wrap up, we’d like to know which email service you would choose if Gmail were to shut down. Take our poll and let us know:

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