Google is constantly exploring ways to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its various products and services. The latest experiment takes place in the Google Play Store, where the company is testing new AI-powered features to enhance the app discovery and information experience.

Play Store AI-summarized App Highlights

According to AssembleDebug, Google is using AI to generate concise summaries of key app features on the Play Store in a new ‘App Highlights’ section. This section provides users with a quick overview of the app’s primary functions, such as direct messaging, live streaming, or other notable features. The company clearly indicates that these summaries are created using artificial intelligence.

Currently, this feature is available to a limited number of users as part of a server-side test. Google has not yet announced a wider rollout date or any potential device restrictions.

AI-Generated App FAQs

In addition to ‘App Highlights’, Google is also A/B testing a new ‘App FAQs’ section, as highlighted by Mishaal Rahman. This feature taps into AI to provide answers to common questions users might have about apps. Examples of potential FAQs include reasons for downloading an app, popular features, and overall functionality.

Both these AI-powered additions to the Play Store are likely only live for a handful of users. We were unable to see the new ‘App Highlights’ or ‘App FAQs’ sections on any of our devices.

Google’s expanding AI footprint

These Play Store developments reflect Google’s broader push to infuse AI throughout its offerings. The most recent of which is the Gemini app that brings AI right at your fingertips.

While using Google’s AI features is optional, their increasing prevalence across services suggests AI will become a more significant fixture of user interactions with Google products. Users may potentially discover convenient new ways to manage information and tasks facilitated by these new AI features.

The rollout status of the ‘App Highlights’ and ‘App FAQs’ features remains as server-side tests with limited availability. General release dates are currently unknown. But, like with any other release from Google, we expect to see the new additions to the Play Store expand to more users over the coming weeks.

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