Update 1 (March 22, 2024)

20:30 pm (IST): After months of deliberation, Google Messages’ profile discovery feature is now being rolled out to more users.

Original article from February 20 follows:

The rollout of the profile discovery feature for the Google Messages app has been anything but smooth, leaving some Google Pixel users confused and frustrated. Announced in November 2023 as part of a suite of features celebrating 1 billion RCS users, the feature was initially touted as reaching beta testers.

However, the reality has been far more erratic. While some users reported seeing the “Profile discovery” setting appear in their Google Messages app, others remain in the dark. Even more concerning, users who initially had access to the feature are now reporting its disappearance, adding to the overall sense of disarray. In our own tests, only the Pixel 7a running the latest Android 15 developer preview with the latest beta version of the Messages app has received this feature. The rest of the devices, including the Pixel 8 on Android 14 QPR3 beta and OnePlus 11 on the stable Android 14, regardless of whether on the latest beta version or not, have not received profiles in the Messages app.


This inconsistency isn’t entirely unexpected for seasoned Google app users who have witnessed similar feature rollouts with on-again, off-again availability. In this case, the general explanation lies in beta testing and A/B testing, meaning Google is likely still actively gauging user reactions and tweaking the feature before a wider release. Despite this, the lack of clear communication and the abrupt disappearance of the feature for some users have understandably generated frustration. With several other features announced alongside “Profile Discovery” also exhibiting the same erratic behavior, users are left wondering what to expect and when they can truly access the promised functionalities.

While beta testing is crucial for refining features, Google’s handling of profile discovery and other Messages features announced late last year highlights the need for better communication and transparency towards its user base. Until then, users stuck in this beta limbo can only hope for a more stable and consistent rollout in the future.

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