Imagine logging into your favorite apps and websites without the burden of remembering complex passwords. That’s the magic of passkeys. It allows users like you and me to sign in to apps and websites using the same authentication methods employed to unlock the phone. It can be through a fingerprint scan, a face recognition system, or a secure screen lock PIN, all of them work. Now, I will tell you how to upgrade to passkeys for your Google Pixel phone.

Steps to upgrade your passwords to passkeys on Google Pixel phones

Firstly, we will try to identify all the accounts that support passkeys. If a third-party platform doesn’t support passkeys, it won’t appear in the recommendations list.

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap on ‘Passwords and accounts.’
  3. Navigate to ‘Google Password Manager’ under ‘Passwords, passkeys, and data services.’
  4. If passkey upgrade opportunities are available, a ‘Simplify your sign-in’ prompt will be displayed.
  5. Simplify-your-sign-in-Password-manager

  6. Tap the prompt to reveal a list of eligible accounts.
  7. list-of-eligible-accounts-for-passkeys

Now that we have identified the account, setting up passkeys is easy:

  1. Choose an account that supports passkeys from the list.
  2. Choose-an-account-that-supports-passkeys

  3. Sign in if required.
  4. Sign-in-if-required-during-passkeys-setup

  5. Follow the app or site’s instructions to create the passkey.
  6. Create-a-passkey

  7. When prompted, use your screen lock — PIN, pattern, password, or biometrics. This step ensures an additional layer of authentication, aligning with Google’s commitment to user data security.
  8. Use-your-screen-lock-in-passkey-setup

I believe advantages of passkeys go beyond its core functionality. So, here are some bonus points to consider:

  • Reduced risk of data breaches: By eliminating the need for remembering and storing passwords, passkeys significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to data breaches. No more password leaks to worry about.
  • Universal compatibility: The user-friendly nature of passkeys eliminates the need to memorize complex combinations, reducing the stress associated with managing multiple passwords.

That’s why upgrading to passkeys on your Google Pixel phone is a no-brainer in my opinion. It’s a win-win for convenience and security, offering a seamless way to login into your accounts without the hassle of remembering each password. This feature is still in its early stages, so not all websites and apps currently support passkeys. However, the future is bright, with more and more platforms expected to embrace this sign-in method.

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