Several users who signed up for the recently offered 2-month free trial of Google One’s Gemini Advanced have encountered an unexpected issue. Shortly after enrolling, they have received emails indicating that their Gemini Advanced trial subscription has been canceled prematurely.

Frustrated users have been vocal on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, expressing their disappointment and seeking answers.


One affected user says “Gemini is great, but many of us are having our trials cancelled on us. Perhaps misidentified as bots. Support is not able to help and we lose access.” Another user who contacted Google One support shared that they were informed it’s a widespread issue under active investigation.

But that’s not all! Jack Krawczyk, a Google employee, publicly acknowledged the bug on X, reassuring those affected that the team is working to resolve it.


The source of the bug and the exact timeframe for a fix remain unknown. Affected users are encouraged to contact Google One support directly for assistance and updates.

The premature cancellation bug may represent a temporary setback in Google’s broader Gemini campaign. Nonetheless, users remain hopeful that Google will resolve the issue promptly, allowing them to experience the full potential of this powerful new AI assistant.

Fortunately, not everyone on the Gemini Advanced trial is having their subscription canceled. I’m on the trial but can still use Gemini Advanced as usual and haven’t received any email yet. Fingers crossed. 🤞

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