Google’s quarterly Feature Drop is just around the corner, promising to inject your beloved device with a dose of fresh innovation. This March 2024, anticipate an Android 14 QPR2 infusion, the second interim Pixel Feature Drop brimming with new features. While not every tidbit mentioned here is guaranteed to make the final cut, let’s delve into the exciting possibilities waiting just beyond the update horizon.

Bluetooth bliss


Finally, say goodbye to the tedious trek through Settings. Android 14 QPR2 empowers you to seamlessly switch between Bluetooth devices directly from the Quick Settings panel. A handy pop-up dialog appears upon tapping the Bluetooth tile, granting you instant control over the radio and paired devices. Need to connect something new? A ‘pair new device’ button beckons, though it still leads you to the full settings page.

DND and alarm icons on Pixel’s weather lock screen


As we saw in Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3, Do Not Disturb (DND) and alarm icons are present on Pixel’s weather lock screen. But these aren’t shortcuts. They simply inform you about these features if they are active, without cluttering the design. And the best part? They even show up on the always-on display, replacing their previous confined space in the status bar.

Update speed

The days of agonizingly slow seamless updates may be limited. Google has waved its magic wand, significantly accelerating the process in Android 14 QPR2. Now, those essential patches and optimizations occur in the background at breakneck speed, minimizing downtime and maximizing your productivity.

No more disturbance while recording


Ever recorded a screen capture only to have a pesky notification ruin the take? Well, fret no more! Android 14 QPR2 introduces the power of choice. Opt to record your entire screen or delve into single-app mode, ensuring only the desired content makes the final cut.

Dark mode for every app


Dark mode lovers, our prayers might be answered soon. A new ‘Make all apps dark‘ toggle, nestled within Settings > Accessibility > Color and motion, might come in the next update. This feature makes all the apps without a dark theme to follow it on your device. But this may cause display issues like inverted colors for non-compliant apps.

Mirroring made magical

Sharing your screen wirelessly just got smoother. Cast a single app instead of the entire screen in Android 14 QPR2, keeping those private notifications and UI elements safely out of sight. Chromecast your favorite game without fear of accidental oversharing – pure brilliance!

Enhanced privacy controls

Protecting your privacy is of paramount importance, and Google takes it seriously. The microphone and camera indicators in the status bar, introduced in Android 12, receive a UI refresh in Android 14 QPR2. Tapping them now reveals a streamlined pop-up dialog, displaying currently active apps, offering quick access to permission management, and showcasing recent sensor usage.

Wi-Fi sharing simplified


Sharing your Wi-Fi network with friends and family just got easier. The Quick Settings ‘Internet’ tile sports a brand new ‘Share Wi-Fi‘ button in Android 14 QPR2. With a single tap, you’ll access both the QR code and Quick Share options, making connecting a breeze for everyone.

These are just a glimpse of the exciting features in store for your Pixel with the March 2024 Feature Drop. Stay tuned for the official announcement for confirmation and even more surprises! And remember, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Keep exploring, experimenting, and enjoying the ever-evolving Pixel experience.

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