Google’s Shopping Lists tool was previously part of Google Assistant, but Google killed it off and moved all of its data to Google Keep. With the potential switch from Google Assistant to Gemini being the current hot topic, we have some exciting news for Android users who prefer Gemini’s lightweight touch to Google Assistant’s full functionality: your shopping lists are about to make the jump. Google’s Jack Krawczyk recently confirmed that the Shopping Lists feature will be one of several functionalities coming to the Gemini app.

This marks a significant expansion for Gemini, which currently handles tasks like alarms, timers, and basic device controls. Bringing shopping lists into the fold adds a great feature for users who prioritize a streamlined experience while still wanting essential functionalities. While an official launch date hasn’t been announced, Krawczyk’s confirmation adds fuel to the rumors suggesting broader integration between Gemini and Google Assistant. Other features reportedly on the way include calendar access, reminders, and media playback control.


For those who primarily use shopping lists, this move offers an alternative experience. Gemini’s minimalist interface and focus on speed could make it ideal for quickly adding and checking off groceries or other shopping needs.

Gemini is unlikely to completely replace Google Assistant. Complex routines and integrations with third-party services will likely still require the full Assistant experience. However, for those who value simplicity and speed, the arrival of shopping lists and other features in Gemini presents a compelling option.

Stay tuned for further updates as Google rolls out these exciting additions to the Gemini app, bringing the convenience of Google Assistant features to a more streamlined experience.

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