Google is now gearing up to launch new “Cross-Device Services” features, enabling seamless experiences across your Pixel smartphones and tablets. These features go beyond the existing Chromebook integration, promising improved connectivity and convenience.

Recent developments indicate a step closer to the official launch. A discovery made by AssembleDebug on Twitter/X reveals that Google Play Services is currently developing, though not yet deploying, the Cross-Device Services section. This section is expected to be integrated within Play Services settings, replacing the existing “Device connections” section with a revamped “Devices & sharing” segment.


Apparently, three key features are coming to “Cross-Device Services.” “Call cast” stands out as the ability to share video calls across various devices. Imagine seamlessly transferring a video call between your Pixel phone and tablet mid-conversation! This innovative feature ensures uninterrupted communication regardless of your chosen device. Additionally, an “Internet sharing” component is set to facilitate hotspot sharing, likely triggered from another device, along with the seamless sharing of Wi-Fi passwords to nearby devices within the device group. Notably, there appears to be no set limit on the number of devices that can join a group, as indicated by this preliminary demonstration.

The timeline for the rollout remains uncertain. It’s worth mentioning that the menu showcasing these features was manually activated as part of Play Services v24.06.12, which surpasses the current stable release, v24.03.15. Either way, the inclusion of these features within the latest Play Services beta version signifies an imminent arrival. Pixel and other Android users can look forward to experiencing a more interconnected and flexible mobile experience soon.

Check out the video below for an insight into what the new features look like:

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