Some Google Maps users have reported encountering issues with the view count feature for photos uploaded via the platform, sparking concerns among the community over the past few days.

In a bid to enhance user engagement and offer a more comprehensive experience, Google introduced a feature in 2021 that allows users to upload photos directly to Google Maps without the need to leave a review. These photos, typically depicting various locations along with brief text descriptions, serve as valuable insights for fellow users in making decisions about their next destinations. Additionally, the platform tracks the number of views each uploaded photo receives, providing users with feedback on the popularity and relevance of their contributions.

However, a wave of reports has surfaced recently, indicating that photos view count feature is failing to update for some Google Maps users. Several have voiced their concerns across various online platforms, highlighting their observations and experiences regarding the issue.


On Reddit, one user expressed frustration over the disappearance of the view count graph from the “Contribute” section within the Google Maps app on iOS. They noted that despite uploading photos and videos, the view count remained stagnant at zero, contrary to the typical engagement they had previously observed. Another user echoed similar sentiments on a community forum, stating that despite uploading content, the view count failed to reflect any activity after several days.

The problem appears to affect photos uploaded within the past few days, with the view count either stuck at zero or displaying as a blank space. The issue transcends operating systems, impacting both Android and iOS users, suggesting a widespread technical glitch.


Fortunately, Google product experts have acknowledged the issue and assured users that a fix is in the works. While the exact timeline for the resolution remains undisclosed, the acknowledgment of the problem offers hope for affected users awaiting a resolution.

For those eager to track progress, keep an eye on Google Maps updates or relevant online communities. In the meantime, keep contributing your valuable visual insights – the view count may be delayed, but the appreciation from fellow Google Maps users is timeless.

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