Google has recently released the Gemini app alongside Gemini Advanced. According to Google, the Gemini app is currently available in English in the US, with support in other regions and languages coming soon. It’s already confirmed the global expansion begins next week, so you better get ready for a taste of the new AI era on your Pixel phone.

In case you haven’t heard, the Gemini app can take over the role of the traditional Google Assistant on your Pixel phone. Once installed, you can choose to stick with Google Assistant or switch over to Gemini as your personal AI assistant.


Of course, it’s still work in progress, which explains why some traditional Google Assistant features like support for media service providers, routines, reminders and interpreter mode are still unavailable in the Gemini app.

Google has also shared a list of Google Assistant functions that the Gemini app can execute on your phone at the moment, among them ability to create or modify alarms and timers; make phone calls, send messages, and read incoming messages; control your device (turn on your flashlight or Bluetooth, or open an app), control your lights, home security, and other smart home devices, and even broadcast messages on connected devices in your home.


The Gemini app will also be able to read a web page out loud and allow users to get help by saying “Help me with my Pixel.” But for some reason, these two features are limited to Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices and the ones that come after the duo, among them the Pixel 8a, Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2. Google hasn’t shared why, but it’s probably hardware-related and hence incompatible with anything that is not Tensor G3-powered or newer.

After all, we’ve already seen Google limiting some of its new AI features like Circle to Search and Best Take to the latest Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Video Boost, another AI-backed feature, is even more scarce with availability limited to the Pro model. Whether Google will expand availability of “Help me with my Pixel” and reading web pages aloud beyond the Pixel 8 series remains to be seen.

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