For over a week, some Google Nest speaker users have been dealing with a frustrating issue with streaming music to speaker groups, prompting concerns within the Google Home community forum and Reddit. The problem arises when attempting to play music on Nest speaker groups, where users are met with deafening silence after Google Assistant acknowledges the command to play music.

The problem reportedly plagues YouTube Music users primarily, with the Assistant acknowledging the request and even naming the speaker group, but ultimately delivering nothing but silence. Upon issuing the command, Google Assistant confirms the request with a message like “OK, music from YouTube Music playing on ‘speaker group name’,” only to abruptly halt without playing any music. While some users managed to work around the issue by targeting individual speakers, others have reported experiencing the same streaming issues with this approach.


Some Spotify users like yours truly seem to be spared from this bug, but there are some reports of this issue coming from several Spotify users as well. My own tests can confirm that Spotify streaming on Nest speaker groups functions as intended, something that’s seconded by a few others on Reddit. Maybe we’re just lucky? Who knows, after all, Google’s smart home ecosystem is hardly ever consistent so such discrepancies don’t surprise me at all. However, this suggests the streaming issue might be related to the integration of specific music streaming services with Google Nest devices.

Thankfully, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. A Google representative confirmed on Reddit that a fix has been identified, but no specific timeline for its release was provided. This suggests the solution will likely arrive as a back-end update, requiring no action from users besides remaining patient.

The team has identified a fix but I don’t have a timeline for the rollout. I’ll provide updates when there’s more to share!

While an exact date for the fix remains unknown, affected Nest owners can take solace in knowing a solution is on the way. Heck, since it’s a back-end fix, maybe it already arrived, so keep trying to stream music to your Nest speaker groups and see if it works, eventually. If not, hang in there, it should arrive soon.

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