Some Pixel Watch 2 users are facing a frustrating conundrum as mute notifications function is not working. The ‘Mute notifications’ feature, designed to silence your phone when your watch is on your wrist, seems to be malfunctioning. Despite enabling the setting, both the watch and phone vibrate/ring upon the arrival of a notification, causing confusion and unwanted noise.


Frustration has become the defining emotion for these users. Several reports are doing rounds on Reddit and the Issue Tracker detailing the disruption this glitch causes to daily routines. From important meetings to sleep, the unexpected notifications intrude, leaving users feeling betrayed by a feature designed to enhance their experience.

This issue reportedly emerged a month ago (1,2,3) and has persisted ever since. The concerned Pixel Watch community has voiced their grievances and expressing their disappointment with the inconvenience caused by the persistent notifications on their devices.

Pixel Watch 2 mute notifications not working issue under investigation

Recognizing the severity of the problem, Google has swiftly assigned this matter to its dedicated engineering team. However, a fix is yet to be confirmed for this issue with the mute notifications function not working, leaving Pixel Watch 2 users in a state of anticipation.

Potential workaround

While waiting for Google’s official fix, a potential workaround offers temporary solace. Performing a factory reset on both your phone and Pixel Watch 2 seems to resolve the issue for some users. However, it’s essential to remember that this is a temporary fix, and the issue might resurface in the future.


Resetting your devices involves erasing all your data and settings, which can be a tedious and time-consuming process. It’s crucial to back up your data before proceeding to avoid permanent data loss.

Hopefully, Google’s engineers will swiftly identify the root cause and provide a lasting fix, restoring the desired notification control and tranquility to Pixel Watch 2 users. Until then, affected users can weigh the pros and cons of the reset workaround and decide if it’s a suitable temporary solution for their needs.

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