The new emoji reactions feature in Gmail lets you respond to emails with a quick thumbs up, heart, or other expressive icon. But what if you find the emoji button cluttering your inbox or don’t want to risk an accidental reaction in a professional email? While Google doesn’t offer an official switch to turn off Gmail emoji reactions, here’s how to banish the button.

Reacting with an emoji to a casual email from a friend? Totally cool. But using the same in response to your boss’s feedback? Maybe not the best idea. The line between playful and unprofessional can be blurry, and some recipients might not appreciate an emoji-only response.

Gmail emoji reactions button on Edge

There’s no built-in way to hide Gmail emoji reactions on your Google Pixel or even iPhone. But for desktop users on Chromium browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, there’s a way out! A handy extension called De-Gmojify is here to help you hide emoji reactions in Gmail. Here’s how to:

  • Open your Chromium browser on your computer.
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for De-Gmojify. Or simply click on this link.
  • Click ‘Add to Chrome’ on Chrome or ‘Get’ on Edge.
  • Enable the extension in your browser settings.
Gmail emoji reactions button hidden on Edge

Voila! The emoji button should vanish from your Gmail view. Remember, this trick only works on desktop with Chromium browsers. I’ve tested on Chrome and Edge and it works fine. Android users will have to wait for a potential future update.

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