Leaked back in December and confirmed by Google in January, Nearby Share has finally started getting replaced with Quick Share on some Pixel phones. The development was highlighted by Android expert Mishaal Rahman via a post on X.

That’s right, the simple, AirDrop-esque file sharing tool you know and love is getting a makeover. But fear not, it’s not ditching its core functionality. Quick Share is essentially Nearby Share under a shiny new name, promising seamless interoperability with both Google and Samsung devices.

Mishaal shared a couple of screenshots of Quick Share taking Nearby Share’s spot on the sharesheet. Check them out below:

This move marks a significant step towards a unified file sharing experience on Android. No more confusion, no more compatibility headaches. Just quick, effortless transfers between your phone, your friend’s Pixel, and even your neighbor’s Samsung Galaxy.

While we still don’t have the new Quick Share option on our Pixel 7a, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, I’ve spotted a confirmation from one Pixel 7 user on X.

So it’s clear that the Quick Share rollout has begun and should soon start appearing on Google Pixel phones around the world in the coming days.

It’s worth noting that even with the rebrand, Google’s Quick Share remains separate from Samsung’s own Quick Share app. Both will ultimately interoperate, but they remain distinct entities under the hood. Mishaal notes that “Google’s Quick Share is part of Google Play Services, while Samsung’s is through its Quick Share app which is being updated to become interoperable with Nearby Share (now Quick Share) on other Android devices.”

Whatever the case, it’s good to see the two Android giants work together to improve the user experience across the board. Let us know if Nearby Share has been replaced by Quick Share on your Pixel phone in the comments below.

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