Update 1 (February 23, 2024)

02.20 pm (IST): Spotify says this issue has since been fixed, something several other users can also confirm. If you’re still experiencing it, be sure to update the Spotify app to the latest version.

Original article from January 30 continues:

For a few days now, Spotify custom playlists for several users have been affected by a bug where the first song gets automatically replaced by another one in the middle, with no apparent explanation. The problem can be quite annoying for those who like to have custom playlists completely organized according to personal tastes or even according to situations (studying, exercising, etc.). Also, when users try to reorder the list to how it was before, the changes are not saved.


According to reports, the bug has been occurring for around two weeks and has mainly been affecting the Spotify Android app. Also, it seems that it only impacts large playlists or those with more hours of playback, while the custom sorting of playlists with few elements continues to work normally. The affected people agree that they have the Spotify v8.9.8.545 update installed.

Fortunately, the Spotify team is already aware of the glitch and investigating it in order to develop a fix, but there is no ETA yet.


A potential workaround for the bug where the first song in playlists gets replaced

In the meantime, as a potential workaround, you can uninstall the Spotify mobile app, then use the Desktop app to reorder your custom playlists and start using the web version on your phone. If you try to reinstall the mobile app, it is likely that the bug will mess up your playlists again after you have reordered them. So, let’s hope that it won’t take long for the Spotify dev team to send a definitive fix to the problem so that everything works correctly again.

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