Google Pixel is taking its marketing game to the pitch by teaming up with Premier League giants Arsenal and Liverpool to showcase some of the Pixel 8 cutting-edge AI features in a series of entertaining videos. In a partnership where on-field drama meets technological wizardry, these videos show off how the Pixel 8 tackles unwanted sounds and wonky expressions with its Audio Magic Eraser and Best Take tools.

In one video, Arsenal midfielder Jorginho is deep in an interview when the serenity is shattered by the cacophony of Eddie Nketiah and Fábio Vieira dragging training equipment in the background. But fear not, Pixel 8 is here to save the day! Jorginho, armed with his Pixel 8 and, with a tap, the Audio Magic Eraser goes to work, silencing the distracting clatter from the background.

In Liverpool, Andrew Robertson, Luis Diaz and Stefan Bajcetic huddle for a group photo. All smiles, right? Not quite. Diaz’s expression, as seen in the thumbnail of the video below, falls victim to a momentary camera-shy grin, and so do Stefan’s and Robertson’s faces and poses. But not to worry, Best Take swoops in like a digital savior. With a touch, Pixel 8 seamlessly replaces their faces with picture-perfect moments, ensuring the perfect team snap.

And because Google loves its partners, Liverpool defenders Joel Matip and Joe Gomez were gifted their own Pixel 8 units pre-loaded with Audio Magic Eraser and Best Take to silence rogue training-field noises and capture their own camera-worthy moments, among plenty of other AI features.

This partnership, which started last year, doesn’t just boast clever marketing; it’s a playful demonstration of the Pixel 8’s AI prowess. With features that can banish audio annoyances and fix facial flubs, Google Pixel is proving itself the ultimate smartphone sidekick for on-the-go athletes and everyday users alike. Who knows, maybe next time it’ll be your turn to experience Pixel’s AI magic, whether it’s silencing a noisy neighbor or rescuing a selfie gone wrong.

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