In modern society, remote monitoring of mobile phones has become an important tool to protect someone’s and business data’s security. Remotely monitoring your child, partner or employee’s phone can bring you closer and keep your relationship safe. With the popularity of mobile phones and the development of communication technology, more and more people want to know the dynamics and behaviors of the people they care about. This article will introduce you how to use the SpyX phone monitoring app to remotely protect the security of the people and business data you care about. Moreover, it will help you better understand the behaviors and activities of the people you care about.

What is SpyX

SpyX is a powerful phone monitoring software that can remotely monitor all data on the target device in real-time. It is highly compatible with all Android and iPhone mobile phones. This opens up the market of using Google cloud accounts to connect target Android, making monitoring implementation for Android users as convenient as iOS users.

Moreover, SpyX app’s features, connections, and services helped it catch up with leading brands. It has become a rising star in the monitoring software market in just one year.

SpyX remote monitor features

SpyX can monitor 40+ apps and has multiple exclusive features. The following are highly summarized features.

  • Phone Screen Monitoring: SpyX allows you to take a screenshot of your phone’s screen without the person being monitored knowing. And it can take a screenshot every 5s to keep track of the dynamics of the target device anytime and anywhere.
  • SMS & Call Tracking: You can check the send, received, and even deleted text messages on the target phone. Moreover, you can track incoming and outgoing calls, view call logs, and know the duration of the call.
  • Track GPS Location: With the positioning feature, you don’t have to worry about the personal safety of anyone, and you can always know where they are. If you want to check their past locations, SpyX can also satisfy you.
  • Monitor Social Media: SpyX can help you monitor most mainstream social media apps, such as WhatsApp, LINE, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Tinder, WeChat, etc. You can know who you care about chatting with on these apps, what they chatted about, when they chatted, what they posted, and which pictures and videos they liked.
  • Spy on Browsers: SpyX Mobile Tracker takes you directly into the target device’s browser to view their browsing history and even bookmarks.
  • Spyx-monitor-phone-remotely

    More features

  • View Photos & Videos: View all pictures and videos on the target phone, whether taken by the phone or saved through other means. If you want to save these photos and videos, you can choose to export them.
  • Keylogger: If you want to know what secrets are hidden on their phones, then you must not miss this feature. The Keylogger function can record all information typed by users on their phones, including software passwords.
  • Apps Installation & Use Timeline: See which apps they have installed on the phone, the most commonly used apps, and how long they use them every day. If you are a parent of underage children, this feature can help you supervise your children and prevent them from being addicted to the Internet.
  • Additional Features: SpyX also provides many other features: tracking Contacts, checking Notes and Calendars, Event reminders, monitoring WiFi connections, Spying Email, viewing Files, and more.

SpyX phone monitoring app highlights

There is no reason why SpyX can stand out among many apps. In addition to having the same advantages as other excellent apps, SpyX also has its own unique shining points.

  • Monitor Remotely: SpyX is an online app. Like other software, you can use it anytime and anywhere as long as your phone is connected to the Internet.
  • Diverse connection solutions: SpyX is the phone monitoring app with the most connection solutions on the market. Users can not only use cloud solutions to connect to target devices, but also use APK connection ways.
  • Real-time sync: Users can see every move of the monitored device on their own device in real time. Moreover, SpyX has a button to synchronize data, and users can choose the synchronization time according to their own needs.
  • Compatible with Android & iOS: There are many such apps that can only meet the needs of Android or iPhone phones, and few apps are compatible with both Android and iOS. Fortunately, SpyX does it.
  • Protect Privacy: Completely stealth mode operation and tightly encrypted data transmission process, you don’t have to worry about data and privacy being leaked. More importantly, no icon will appear on the desktop of the target device. This means that the monitored person will not notice it. You can carry out monitoring with confidence because SpyX will not be detected at all.

How to start remote phone monitoring with SpyX app

Using SpyX is very simple. This will definitely be the easiest app you have ever used. It only takes 2 minutes to complete 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Create a free account using email.
  • Spyx-create-account-page

  • Step 2: Select the Android/iOS device you want to monitor and bind it.
  • Select-device-type-page

  • Step 3: Start monitoring! Enter the dashboard then you can see the data overview, and the sidebar will reflect all functions.



In short, SpyX is a fully functional and convenient mobile phone tracker. Furthermore, with its friendly user interface, round-the-clock customer service, excellent privacy protection capabilities, strong device compatibility, and the ability to synchronize data in real time, it is definitely the user’s reliable first choice for remote monitoring of the people they care about.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with SpyX. PiunikaWeb doesn’t take any responsibility of the product being advertised here.

About SpyX – It is an easy-to-use monitoring software for parents, employers and companions without jailbreak. SpyX is the result of over a decade of technical expertise accumulated by the R&D team. It aims to make a safer and convenient phone tracker product.

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