Google has teamed up with renowned calligrapher and street artist Ricardo Gonzalez, better known as It’s a Living on Instagram, to showcase the vibrant personality of the new Mint colorway of the Pixel 8 series by having him ‘refresh’ their billboards.

Gonzalez, whose art blends typography, calligraphy, lettering, and graffiti, draws inspiration from the energy and rawness of the urban landscape. He views “It’s a Living” not just as an artist’s moniker, but as a philosophy of embracing freedom and pursuing one’s passions.

The video delves into Gonzalez’s creative process as he transforms blank canvases into captivating murals, breathing life into the Pixel 8’s minty green exterior. His enthusiasm for the phone’s unique color is palpable. He describes how his paintings over Google’s billboard with the new mint color would likely make people stop and wonder what happened.

“The color is super cool,” Gonzalez gushes. “It has soul. It’s a phone that you want to have in your hand, you know?”

Beyond the visual appeal, the video highlights the deeper meaning behind Gonzalez’s art. He emphasizes the importance of color in his work, drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues of his native Mexico. Each mural serves as a platform for dialogue, aiming to evoke positive emotions and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

“My messages are always positive,” Gonzalez shares. “I just want to bring a little bit of joy to someone’s day, make them smile.”

This collaboration between Google and It’s a Living transcends the realm of mere advertising. It’s a celebration of artistic expression, the power of color, and the ability of technology to serve as a canvas for creativity. The Pixel 8’s Mint shade isn’t just a color; it’s an invitation to embrace individuality and add a touch of vibrancy to the world around us.

Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply appreciate a splash of color, Google’s partnership with It’s a Living is sure to leave a lasting impression. So, the next time you see a Pixel 8 in that eye-catching Mint shade, remember the artistic journey behind it, and perhaps be inspired to add your own touch of creativity to the world.

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