After introducing the ‘Photo Stacks’ feature back in November, Google Photos is now making Photo Stacks available for Pixel and other Android users. Initially launched for iOS, Photo Stacks is now accessible on all Android smartphones, including those from the Samsung Galaxy series.

The ‘Photo Stacks’ feature automatically organizes and groups images taken together, presenting them as a single image in the main grid. In the Photos tab, users will notice a number and icon in the top-right corner of the thumbnail, indicating when the automatic grouping occurred. Dive into a stack and you’ll be greeted by a swipeable carousel showcasing all the grouped photos. If you prefer a grid view, just tap the 2×2 button at the bottom. Feeling picky? The Options button lets you change the top pick, kick unwanted photos out of the group, or even declutter by keeping some and deleting the rest.

AI powers the entire Photo Stacks experience in Google Photos. You can easily turn it on or off via the three-dot menu icon. Below is a screenshot from my iPhone showcasing the photo stacks feature in Google Photos for iOS.


Sharing or adding stacks to albums is also easy thanks to the two options: “Selected items only” (just the top pick) or “Includes Photo stacks” (everything). But for those moments when you prefer individual photo viewing, 9to5Google discovered a nifty trick: just long-press a stack in the main grid and tap “Unstack photos” to break it down and reclaim your photo freedom.

It’s worth noting that while the report claims Google Photos ‘Photo Stacks’ feature is now widely available on Android devices, we couldn’t find a trace of it on any our Google Pixel and non-Pixel Android devices. But I have it on my iPhone, so hopefully it won’t be long before it arrives on Android too.

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