Android 14 brought multiple new features and improvements to Pixel phones, but it also brought issues for users of some models. For example, after the initial rollout of the stable update, several Pixel 6 owners have been reporting that their devices are randomly rebooting while using them, which can even happen multiple times a day with no way to fix it.


Considering that reports related to the problem have been emerging for months and Android 14 on Pixel devices has received multiple successive updates, one would expect that the problem has already been resolved by Google. However, there are still Pixel 6 owners whose devices are suddenly rebooting today, and there doesn’t seem to be a fix in sight (or even an official acknowledgment).

In response to one of the reports on Reddit, the Google support team recommended one of those affected to try restarting the device in safe mode. However, that doesn’t seem to be an effective solution either, as there are reports where the Pixel 6 keeps restarting even in that mode.


There is no workaround to help prevent the issue from happening, so those affected can only endure the frustration of seeing their devices restart multiple times a day. Interestingly, at some point the related bug report in the official bug tracker was marked ‘Fixed’ and remains that way to this day, but the complaints that continue to emerge non-stop make it clear that this is not the case.


The fact that the bug is marked as ‘Fixed’ is worrying since it suggests that the Android dev team is not even aware that it is still present and affecting several. Let’s hope this is not the case and the issue is under investigation at least.

Pixel 6 randomly rebooting while using Crunchyroll after January patch too

Lately, numerous Pixel 6 series users have been dealing with another similar bug where the device is restarting, but when trying to use Crunchyroll. It is interesting that this problem also causes reboots only to Pixel 6 series owners, but it is not certain that it is related to the previous one since it only appeared in the last couple of weeks (possibly after the Pixel January 2024 patch) while the other has been happening for months.


According to Redditor Tehwafflez, the Crunchyroll support team told them that they have already escalated the bug to the Android dev team for investigation, but there is still no ETA for a fix. On the other hand, with respect to the first bug that has been present for months, there is no official word or new developments in this regard.

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