Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, unveiled yesterday, might be all about the headline-grabbing 7 years of software updates and improved cameras, but hidden amongst the spec sheet lies another exciting feature for potential buyers of the phones — dual eSIM support.

Following in the footsteps of the Google Pixel 7 and newer Pixel phones, the Galaxy S24 becomes the first non-Pixel Android phone to offer dual eSIM functionality. This means users can completely ditch the physical SIM card and activate two different cellular plans on their phone, seamlessly switching between them without needing to swap cards. Here’s a confirmation shared by Android expert Mishaal Rahman on his Telegram channel.


For years, Google Pixel phones have served as a point of reference for Android innovation, often introducing features that later trickle down to other manufacturers. Dual eSIM is a prime example. While iPhone users have enjoyed this convenience since the iPhone 13, Android has lagged behind. With Samsung finally onboard, it’s a sign that things are changing. Below is a screenshot of the official specs sheet confirming the Galaxy S24/S24+ and S24 Ultra indeed support dual eSIM functionality.


You might be asking, why dual eSIM? Well, for starters, it frees up the physical SIM card slot, offering greater flexibility for users who juggle multiple lines, like work and personal phones, or who travel frequently and need local SIM cards. Additionally, eSIM activation is often faster and easier than traditional SIM cards, making it a hassle-free experience.

Of course, the wider adoption of dual eSIM on Android will also depend on carrier support. While some carriers have already embraced dual eSIM technology, others are still lagging behind. However, with Samsung, the biggest Android player now on board, the pressure is on for wider carrier adoption.

Overall, the arrival of dual eSIM on the Galaxy S24 is a welcome development for Android users. It brings a feature that Google Pixel and iPhone users have been enjoying and marks a step forward in Android’s quest for innovation. Whether it’s the convenience of managing multiple lines or the future-proof nature of eSIM technology, this hidden gem in the Galaxy S24 series is sure to be a welcome addition especially for globetrotters.

Featured image: Samsung

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