Google is actively working on enhancing the Gmail Android app with two significant features geared towards elevating user experience and functionality within this widely used email service. Although these features are currently hidden and can only be enabled through specific flags, there is a strong likelihood that they will be officially unveiled in the upcoming weeks.

Last November, we reported about Google possibly adding an ‘Unsubscribe’ option to the Gmail app on Android. And now, in one of the latest developments, Gmail will soon add ‘Manage subscriptions’ in the side menu of the app, as revealed by the GApps Flags & Leaks Telegram channel. This feature, nestled within the side menu, triggers a loading screen upon activation. While the exact functionality remains unclear, it seems plausible that it will centralize newsletter subscriptions. This would offer Google Pixel users a convenient platform to effortlessly view and delete subscriptions, streamlining the unsubscribing process.


Tucked away in the three-dot menu of each email is another new ‘Report illegal content’ option. Gone are the days of navigating labyrinthine web forms to flag inappropriate emails. With this perk, reporting potentially illegal content becomes a swift, in-app affair. Imagine the power – a single tap to safeguard your inbox and the wider internet from nefarious forces.

This new option appears just below the existing ‘Report spam’ option. When tapped, it reportedly leads to this dedicated page for reporting content believed to breach legal standards, but it may evolve to seamlessly integrate within the Gmail app, providing Google Pixel users with a more efficient process.


Both features are reportedly present in version 2023.12.31.597022975 of Gmail. However, they need specific flags to be enabled, meaning they are not universally accessible at this time. Google Pixel users can look forward to the official rollout of these features in the coming weeks, potentially revolutionizing subscription management and offering a more streamlined approach to reporting illegal content directly from the Gmail app.

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