As incredible as it may seem, in all these years, the Gmail mobile app has lacked a ‘Select All’ button to make it easier to select many emails at once, but that is finally changing now after a recent update.

The wait has been quite long, but the Gmail mobile app is already receiving a ‘Select All’ button or option. Although it seems like something basic or fundamental, it has been absent since the birth of the app for some unknown reason.

The way the option works is quite simple and intuitive: long-press on an email and ‘Select All’ will appear at the top of the UI, and if you click on it, all the emails on the page you are on will be selected so you can quickly do batch actions.


Before, you could select multiple emails to do batch actions, but choosing them one by one, which could be annoying. It’s noteworthy that the new Gmail ‘Select All’ button can only choose all emails from the page you are on. For reference, each page or view includes a maximum of 50 emails, so you can choose up to 50 emails in a couple of taps, which is already much better than before.

Although it seems like a simple feature, Google has been working on it for months since related references were detected for the first time in October 2023. Now, it seems that it has been massively deployed in the latest Gmail update, as I can see it available on all devices I have access to.

While it doesn’t seem like a huge change, being able to choose all the emails on the page in a simple way will surely make life easier for many heavy users, and it’s about time Gmail received such a basic feature.

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