If you use Android Auto and you are one of those who likes to have everything synced between your devices, including aesthetics and customization, you are in luck, since the service is receiving a new update that allows you to sync the wallpaper with that of your phone.

Now you can sync the wallpaper of your smartphone and your ‘Android Auto’ display

Google is implementing a feature in Android Auto that allows you to copy your smartphone’s wallpaper to the display so that both follow the same background aesthetic line. The company is making the feature enabled as standard so that the user does not have to do anything, but you can also deactivate it if you wish.

According to the report, the feature rollout occurs on the server side regardless of the version of the app you are on. The 9to5Google team verified that it is implemented in Android Auto beta v11.0, but the code necessary to work was already present since the v10.7 update.


The operation of the option is simple since it basically consists of every time you change the wallpaper on your smartphone, it will also change on the Android Auto screen to match. In any case, it should be noted that the wallpaper is set only to the background of the Android Auto app drawer, not in other places.

Also, the feature only works with static images and not with dynamic wallpapers or ‘specially generated’ wallpapers, such as those created with the AI Wallpaper option of the Pixel 8 series. In case you set a wallpaper on your Android that is not compatible with Android Auto, the latter will keep the latest wallpaper that was compatible.

Finally, if you don’t have the option available yet, don’t worry, as it is only a matter of a few days for you to get it.


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