Google wants to help you reduce driving distractions as much as possible through Android Auto, so they are working on a feature that will summarize the texts or messages received on your Pixel phone using Google Assistant and AI.

Android Auto users might get an option to summarize texts with Google Assistant

Android OS and its derivatives (such as Android Auto) already offer the option to read aloud the messages you receive. However, if you have a lot of pending messages, it can be annoying and tedious to listen to them all one by one while you are behind the wheel and waiting to get even more.

So, to try to solve this problem, Google is working on an ‘Assistant summarize your busy conversations’ feature which, like several others that the company has developed recently, is powered by AI.

According to the report (via 9to5Google), while setting up the feature, you will receive a prompt saying that the summaries are generated by AI, so there may be some error. However, in most cases they will give you a pretty good idea of what the replies are about.


Google focuses on what they call ‘busy conversations’, which would refer to those in which there are many accumulated messages, although it is not yet completely clear how they will determine which conversations are ‘busy’ and which are not. Also, it seems that the feature will work with texts you receive through Google Messages, whether SMS or RCS chats.

The option to summarize texts in Android Auto is still under development since it currently has to be enabled from the Developer settings. Also, the first implementation of the feature was made in Google app v14.52.

It is not yet known when the mass rollout of the option to summarize texts or ‘busy conversations’ in Android Auto will begin, but once it is available, it aims to become one of the most useful and practical features, especially for those who usually receive many messages in a row while driving.


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