Pixel phone owners using Google Wallet are facing a frustrating bug after the recent December 2023 update, where the app keeps crashing or disappearing when they try to access it from the lock screen using the fingerprint sensor. This issue, affecting various models like the Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and even the latest Pixel 8, disrupts the convenient and secure way users previously accessed their payment methods.

This glitch occurs when users tap on the Google Wallet shortcut on the lock screen, and after successfully authenticating with their fingerprint, the app unexpectedly crashes, preventing them from completing transactions seamlessly. Notably, this issue has been present since the early Android 14 QPR1 beta days and persists with the stable version.


Multiple Google Pixel users have shared their experiences in various forums, including Reddit and the Google Wallet community, detailing the inconvenience caused by the glitch. One Pixel 8 owner noted, “When using the Wallet shortcut on the lock screen, the app opens and requires a fingerprint to use it as it always has. However, since the December update, when I place my finger on the sensor, the Wallet app crashes.”

Another Pixel 6 owner expressed similar frustrations, stating, “After the 5th December security & feature update on my Google Pixel 6 (Android 14), I was able to open Wallet from the icon on my lock screen. Unfortunately, now, the Wallet disappears immediately after unlocking the phone with my fingerprint.” In this particular case, the thread has garnered over 100 upvotes from people with the same question, suggesting the issue is indeed widespread.


Google Wallet crashing on Pixel phones has a potential workaround

Affected Google Wallet users have attempted various troubleshooting steps, including clearing the cache and even reconfiguring fingerprints. However, the problem persists for many, indicating a potential issue related to the recent update. But what seems to work, at least temporarily, is to tap on “Show all” first before using fingerprint unlock with the Wallet lock screen shortcut. Alternatively, you can use pattern unlock since it doesn’t seem to be affected by the same Wallet disappearing issue as the fingerprint sensor.

Despite the growing user reports and online discussions, Google has not yet officially acknowledged the issue. The best I’ve come across is a response to one of those affected claiming the issue is now under review, but there’s no official feedback yet. There is also no confirmed solution or fix available other than the aforementioned workarounds, leaving Pixel users waiting for a response from the tech giant.

The lack of a confirmed timeline for a fix adds to the uncertainty, leaving Google Wallet users hoping for a prompt resolution to this unexpected setback. Those affected are advised to report the bug using Google’s official feedback channels and provide details of their experience to aid in the swift resolution.

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