Verizon has unveiled its exclusive deals on the Google Pixel Fold. It includes substantial cashbacks of up to $1,000, making it the perfect time for interested buyers to grab this device.

Check out the Google Pixel Fold deal on Verizon in detail

This Verizon offer features cashbacks of up to $1,000 on both the 256GB and 512GB variants of the Pixel Fold. The 256GB model is priced at $1,799.99 ($49.99/mo for 3 years). On the other hand, the 512GB model is priced at $1,919.99 ($53.33/mo for 3 years), but these can now be snagged at significantly lower prices. To unlock this massive discount, customers need to trade in an old device in good working condition.

Exclusive benefits for existing Verizon subscribers

Current Verizon subscribers aren’t left out of the savings bonanza. Even those upgrading an existing line can enjoy cashbacks. Moreover, those who decide to make the switch to Verizon will receive an additional $200 gift card.

Additional offers

Verizon is not stopping at just the Pixel Fold. The carrier is extending its generosity with additional promotions. You can check them out below.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G Deal: Purchase the Google Pixel Fold and get $549.99 off on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G. This online-only offer comes with up to $549.99 in promo credit over 36 months, making it a compelling deal.
  2. Galaxy Watch 6 Promotion: Buy a new Pixel Fold and enjoy up to $350 off on a Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic. This offer requires a new line on the service plan for the Galaxy Watch and is subject to terms and conditions.

Choose your plan wisely

Verizon offers a range of plans to cater to diverse preferences. Some notable plans include:

  1. Unlimited Ultimate: This plan offers 5G Ultra-Wideband, 60GB premium hotspot data, and an Apple Music Family membership perk for $100/mo ($110 w/o Auto Pay).
  2. Unlimited Plus (Entertainment Lovers): Priced at $90/mo ($100 w/o Auto Pay), this plan includes 5G Ultra-Wideband, 30GB premium data, and a Disney Bundle perk.
  3. Unlimited Plus (Music and Streaming): This plan at $90/mo ($100 w/o Auto Pay), includes 5G Ultra-Wideband, 30GB premium data, and perks like Netflix & Max (with ads).
  4. Unlimited Welcome (Everyday Essentials): For those who value easy shopping and savings, this $75/mo ($85 w/o Auto Pay) plan offers 5G-only connectivity and a Walmart+ subscription perk.

Customers also have the flexibility to create a customized plan starting at $65/mo.


In conclusion, the enticing Verizon deal on Google Pixel Fold presents an excellent opportunity for tech enthusiasts to buy the device at unbeatable price. With cashbacks, trade-in offers, and additional promotions, Verizon is setting the stage for a remarkable smartphone shopping experience. Whether you’re an existing subscriber or considering a switch, now is the time to explore these exclusive deals.

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