Google’s Pixel Tablet is supposed to seamlessly blend into your smart home when in Hub Mode, but for some users, the party’s not starting. A growing number of Pixel Tablet owners are finding themselves unable to add their devices to speaker groups in Google Home despite setting up the tab in Hub Mode, leaving them sidelined from synchronized music and multi-room audio.

The frustration is mounting, especially since users report seeing the Pixel Tablet listed in the Google Home app, but the option to add it to a speaker group remains stubbornly unavailable. This effectively isolates the tablet from the rest of the smart home ecosystem, a major blow to its potential as a central hub for music and entertainment.


Pixel Tablet speaker group issue escalated for investigation

One Pixel Tablet product expert has acknowledged and even escalated the issue for further investigation. However, as of now, the silence from Google is deafening, so users are left wondering what’s causing the glitch and how long they’ll have to wait for a fix. Even more frustrating is the issue is happening even when all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and the tablet running the most up-to-date software. Not even a full factory reset for both the tablet and the dock, removing and adding your Google account, and deleting the Google Home cache fixes this problem. Although you might be the lucky one, so it won’t hurt trying them if affected.

The inability to join speaker groups throws a wrench into the tablet’s core functionality. Hub Mode is designed to transform the Pixel Tablet into a smart home control center and entertainment hub. Being cut off from synchronized audio across multiple devices significantly diminishes this experience. The lack of communication from Google is adding to the frustration. While a product expert escalating the issue is a step in the right direction, users are eager for a concrete update on the investigation and a timeline for a fix.


Until then, Pixel Tablet owners unable to add it to their Google Home speaker group will be hoping a fix arrives soon. Hopefully, Google will be swift to address this issue to ensure its Pixel Tablet doesn’t remain a lone wolf in the smart home pack for too long.

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