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05:59 pm (IST): Reports related to the ‘call drop’ issue present in the Pixel 7 series continue to arise even after the latest Pixel January patch. Now, those affected are looking forward to the February update in the hope that it will bring a solution once and for all.

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The ‘call drop’ issue is well known among Google Pixel 7 series users as it has been present since its launch, and sadly it seems that it is still present for some. That said, a definitive fix may finally be on the horizon.

Google Pixel 7 series ‘call drop’ issue has been present since its launch

As its name suggests, the Google Pixel 7 series ‘call drop’ issue consists of sudden disconnections that occur a few seconds after establishing a call, for no apparent reason. There are also cases where one of the parties stops hearing the other’s voice, even if the call has not been disconnected.

This can be quite annoying and even dangerous as it could also occur during an emergency call. While after so much time one would expect such a serious issue to be completely fixed, recent reports suggest that some people are still dealing with it today even after updating to Android 14.


Those affected are also upset that Google has not made any official statement on the matter, as if the issue did not exist or they were ignoring it. There are even some intriguing cases where the issue started after updating to Android 14.


Also, it is not limited to just one particular model, as there are reports from Google Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel 7a users. So, the overall situation seems quite frustrating, but the call-related problems may finally receive a fix soon.

The December patch could bring a definitive fix

In response to a recent report related to the issue on the official support forums, a Product Expert stated that the issue is expected to receive a fix with the December patch.


This response is a light of hope for those people affected by the ‘call drop’ issue for a long time. However, it should be noted that Google Product Experts are not direct employees of Google but rather volunteers, so the answer should not be taken as a definitive confirmation.

That said, Google Product Experts have the authority to escalate bugs or issues to the Google team, in addition to receiving related direct responses, so their statements have greater credibility and basis than those from a common user.

Let’s hope that this is one of the cases where the Google Product Expert’s statement comes from a direct confirmation from Google. In the meantime, there are some potential workarounds you can try.

Some potential workarounds

Sadly, none of the available workarounds are a definitive or ideal fix to the problem, but they have temporarily worked for some. First, one of those affected claims that doing a Network Reset from the phone settings helps to restore normal call behavior for a while, but the bug reappears hours later.


For another user, changing the network type to ‘2G’ and turning off ‘adaptive connectivity’ from the phone settings had a ‘positive impact’, but this is far from ideal as you won’t be able to use the mobile data service with decent speeds (not even 3G).

Finally, another person stopped facing the bug after doing a factory reset to their device and disabling the ‘adaptive connectivity’ option, although this requires completely reconfiguring your device.

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