Hey, football fanatics! Ever wondered what happens when you hand a bunch of England’s top football players the latest Google Pixel 8 Pro and challenge them to capture the perfect shots? Well, wonder no more! In a hilarious and action-packed YouTube video titled ‘England Players Take On The Google Pixel Ultimate Shot Challenge!’ both male and female football stars take center stage. You can win a Google Pixel 8 Pro just by riding the wave of their photo-fueled adventure.

The opening kickoff: England players and Pixel 8 Pro unite

In this video the scene is set for a showdown of photographic prowess. Our starring players? None other than England’s football elite, both men and women, armed with the powerful Google Pixel 8 Pro. Among the men, we’ve got Declan Rice, Jordan Pickford, and Trent Alexander-Arnold, while the ladies’ squad includes Katie Zelem, Georgia Stanway, and Ellie Roebuck.

Challenge 1: The ultimate group photo with Best Take

The first challenge kicks off with a bang – the ultimate selfie. Each player grabs their Pixel 8 Pro and dives into showcasing the Best Take feature. The three musketeers on the men’s side, Rice, Pickford, and Alexander-Arnold, flex their selfie skills. After some heated deliberation, the winner emerges: TAA with an epic selfie featuring Bellingham. Over in the women’s camp, Katie Zelem steals the show with a selfie alongside the England Women’s team coach, thanks to the nifty Best Take feature.

Challenge 2: The ultimate action shot with Photo Unblur

Next up, it’s action time! The players are tasked with capturing their teammates in the midst of some serious skills. But, as we know, staying still during intense action is a challenge in itself. Cue the Photo Unblur feature! Blurry photos be gone as each player unleashes the power of Pixel 8 Pro’s Photo Unblur, transforming their dynamic shots into frame-worthy masterpieces.

Challenge 3: The funniest selfie with Magic Eraser

The final challenge takes a comedic turn as players gear up to create the funniest selfies. Props in hand, the squad, especially Stanway, dives into a lighthearted battle of wits. Laughter ensues as they banter and get creative, using the Pixel 8 Pro’s Magic Eraser feature to erase any unwanted background mishaps. The result? Hilarious pics that could give even the toughest football fan a good chuckle.

The big reveal: Your chance to win big with Pixel 8 Pro

As the dust settles and the last laughs echo, it’s time for the grand reveal. The England football team, both men and women, has joined forces with Google Pixel to bring fans closer to the game than ever. But wait, there’s more! You, yes, you, can win a Google Pixel 8 Pro loaded with all the photos from this epic showdown. Not only that, but you’ll also score exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Hold your excitement because there’s more – an invitation to attend either the England Men’s or Women’s Open Training sessions in 2024, complete with the chance to snap selfies with your favorite players.


How to Win: The ultimate shot challenge

Feeling lucky? Here’s your shot at scoring big. First, choose the player who you think nailed the challenges and took the best shots. Once you’ve made your pick, dive into the Ultimate Shot Challenge by entering your details. The Pixel 8 Pro could be just a click away!

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