Multiple reports are surfacing from Call of Duty MWIII players worldwide, who claim that they are unable to complete the Zakhaev’s Stronghold mission in zombies mode even after fulfilling all the objectives. Additionally, there are reports of a bug affecting the Borealis camo equipment.

MWIII Zombies Zakhaev’s Stronghold completion issue

Zakhaev’s Stronghold is an Act 3 mission in MWIII that is reportedly being broken.

How to complete the mission

In Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, to defeat Zakhaev in Act 3, players need to follow these steps:

  1. Deploy to Zakhaev’s Stronghold.
  2. Cleanse the Exclusion Zone.

Once players have completed these steps, they will receive “The Bone Collector” Operator Skin and 10,000 XP as rewards. The final mission involves defeating Viktor Zakhaev, a returning villain who was previously presumed dead.

What is the issue?

Numerous players have reported that the mission is allegedly bugged and cannot be completed, regardless of their efforts.

According to player reports, when they attempt to initiate the mission by performing the first actions, the game fails to register the action for an unknown reason. This makes it nearly impossible for players to complete the mission and obtain the associated rewards.

Did every mission and the last one bugged. Beat Orcus twice and wasn’t granted the rewards because “Deploy to Zakhaev’s Stronghold” refuses to be completed.
byu/TheeRoronoaZoro inCODZombies

Official acknowledgement by Treyarch

In response to the increasing number of player reports and complaints, the developers have officially acknowledged the issue. According to their statement, they are currently investigating the problem that prevents the first step of the ‘Defeat Zakhaev Act 3 story mission’ from tracking some players.

There is also a card on the official Trello board of MWIII that acknowledges the issue and states that it is currently under investigation.

MWIII Zombies Zakhaev's Borealis workaround ack 2

Despite these acknowledgments, an official release for the fix is not yet available. However, considering the severity of the issue, it is reasonable to assume that a fix may be released in the near future.


While the developers are working on the fix, players can try a workaround shared by a Reddit user.

According to the workaround, players can try taking their time and walking along the right side of the map. Eventually, the game may start registering their movement.

MWIII Zombies Zakhaev's Borealis workaround

However, it is important to note that this is not an official fix, and the results may not be effective in every instance.

Borealis Completionist Camo bug in MWIII

Zakhaev’s Stronghold is not the only issue causing problems for players. According to other reports, even after completing the challenge and unlocking the Borealis camo, players are unable to equip it.

How to unlock the Borealis camo

The Borealis Completionist Camo in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) is a challenging camo to unlock. To obtain the Borealis Camo, players need to complete the Serpentinite Mastery, unlock the skin, and get 1,200 kills while using it in Zombies.

This is part of the Mastery Camo challenges in MW3, which require specific criteria to be met for each camo. The Borealis Camo is the final mastery unlock for MW3 guns in Zombies mode and is rewarded for completing the specified challenges.

However, due to the issue, the skin has been deemed broken, making the challenge impossible to complete.

Official acknowledgement

The issue is under investigation. According to the official Twitter statement, the issue has been identified by the team and is being monitored. There is no official release date for the fix announced yet.

MWIII Zombies Zakhaev's Borealis workaround ack

So far, there are no workarounds available for this issue yet. In the end, the MWIII is still a broken game, as new reports and complaints are raising every day. The devs need to work very diligently in the upcoming days to make the game get into an acceptable condition.

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