If you bought a Pixel phone from the Google online store earlier this month, you might be feeling a bit regretful after seeing the Black Friday sale that Google launched on November 16, 2023. But don’t worry; Google has a surprise for you, as it will refund you the difference between the original price and the sale price of your phone.

Google announced this offer on its support page, stating that it is for customers who bought Pixel phones within 14 days of the Black Friday sale. The refund amount will vary depending on the model and storage capacity of the phone, but it could be as high as $200 for the Pixel 8 Pro.

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Here’s how you can claim refund if you bought Google Pixel before Black Friday sale

To claim the refund, buyers need to contact Google Support to request their money, in case they are eligible. Even if you paid the full price for your new Pixel, Google would reimburse you the discounted amount, provided you received it within 14 days of the company’s Black Friday offer.

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In addition to refunding money for Pixels bought 14 days prior to the sale, Google is also offering money back on discounted accessories. A Redditor claims that after purchasing a Chromecast and a Pixel Stand 2, Google reimbursed them for the difference in price.

Is this offer eligible for buyers outside the US?

The offer is so tempting that it made me wonder if it’s also eligible for regions outside the US. Unfortunately, Google is not offering refunds to those who bought the Pixel phone in EU countries. When one of the Redditors attempted to contact Amazon (Germany) for the refund, they were informed that the deal was not possible.

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However, if the device is still within a 30-day return window, the buyer may receive a complete refund and purchase a new one at a discounted price.


To conclude, the refund offer is a generous gesture from Google if you bought your Pixel right before the Black Friday sale. It shows that it cares about its customers and wants to reward their loyalty. If you are one of the lucky customers who can get a refund, you should be happy that you got a great deal on a great phone. And if you are still thinking of buying a Pixel phone, you should hurry up and take advantage of the Black Friday deals in the US before they end.

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