In recent years, Google has worked to increase the market share of its Pixel devices worldwide. For this, the company has not only expanded its availability in more countries, but has invested more in marketing, with recent examples in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

Asia is another continent that the company wants to conquer, now holding the ‘Google Pixel Playground’ event together with LEGO to promote its Pixel 8 series in Japan.

‘Google Pixel Playground’ event by Google and LEGO Japan will promote the Pixel 8 duo

Google’s additional investment efforts in marketing appear to be paying off following results such as its rise in popularity in Europe. Therefore, similar moves are expected in more regions, and the ‘Google Pixel Playground’ seems to be part of this.


Google and LEGO have partnered in Japan so that the ‘Google Pixel Playground’ event offers eye-catching interactive experiences powered by some of the best features in the Pixel 8 series. Among these features stand out AI-based ones such as Magic Eraser, Magic Editor, Audio Magic Eraser, Best Take, and even the classic Google Lens.

The event will take place from November 24 to 26 at the Futakotamagawa Rise Galleria, and will be full of activities (with a large presence of LEGO blocks) where the aforementioned features will be promoted. The activities will be available in three main areas:

  • Investigate! Area
  • Create! Area
  • Photograph! Area

To complete them, people will have to use Google Lens to identify objects or translate messages (Investigate! Area). They can also use features like Magic Eraser and Magic Editor to recreate specific situations (Create! Area), or try to take the best group photos using the ‘Best Take’ feature (Photograph! Area).


Also, all event attendees will receive a LEGO block mini kit as a gift after completing a survey, so everything indicates that they will be quite fun days to go with family or friends.

These types of movements seem like a great way to both attract fans to the Pixel brand, and to promote exclusive features and options that make the devices even more attractive.

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