Discord brings back 'Swipe to reply' once again pushing users to look for ways to disable feature

Discord has once again brought back the swipe-to-reply feature on their messenger. However, just like before, the issue has been criticized by the users once again.

Return of ‘Swipe to reply’ feature on Discord

Discord’s “Swipe to Reply” feature allows users to swipe a message to add a reply, making it easy to reply to conversations on mobile devices.

However, this feature has received criticism from some users who prefer to use the swipe gesture to access the list of active members. Some users have reported that the feature is bugged and causing issues.

Just updated my app, did they seriously add this back.. (IOS)
byu/NicholasBOI indiscordapp

There have been discussions about the need for a toggle option in the “text” settings menu to enable or disable the Swipe Reply feature.

However, the removal of the ‘check member list feature’ on the swipe gesture and the unnecessary implementation of the feature are not getting any warm reception. The feature was also available years ago, but it wasn’t appreciated back then as well.

Is there a way to disable the feature?

Some users have also reported that they were able to disable the feature by downgrading their Discord app to the latest update.

Discord Swipe to reply report

Other than that, Discord has shared that users can opt out of the new layout by going to “App Settings” > selecting “Appearance” > scrolling to the “New Layout” section > and turning off the toggle for “Show New Layout”.

It’s important to note that Discord is actively working on updates and patches related to the Swipe to Reply feature, and users should stay informed about official announcements and community feedback to ensure a seamless experience on the platform.

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Feature image source: discord.com

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