Your Google Pixel 5G connectivity issues might be fixed soon

If your shiny Google Pixel 8 or maybe the aging Pixel 6 struggles to maintain a reliable 5G network connection, you might just be in luck. According to the latest Android 14 QPR2 beta update’s changelog, Google has fixed an issue that sometimes prevents Pixel phones from connecting to a 5G network even when in places with a strong signal.

The new update started rolling out a few hours ago and is available to all Pixels phones from the Pixel 5a and newer. But since it’s the first of several beta updates lined up ahead of next year’s March Feature Drop, it may take time before issues with 5G not working properly on your Google Pixel phone get fixed.

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented a device from connecting to a 5G network when it was available.

Google Pixel users are not strangers to network connectivity issues. Not even owners of the latest Pixel 8 are spared from issues with 5G not working reliably even when the network is available. This issue extends to other models too, including the Pixel 7 and Pixel 6 series, which we all know what the common denominator is. While it’s easy to blame the Tensor chipsets, it seems Google is also hard at work adding software tweaks that will hopefully improve the overall network connectivity of Pixel phones.


Since this is a Quarterly Platform Release, you can expect more significant changes when the final version arrives next year. Some of them include UI tweaks and new features like “single app” screen recording, tweaks to the taskbar icon for opening the app grid and a redesigned App info page that now shows the package name at the bottom.

Google says this update is “suitable for general use,” so you might as well join the beta program if indeed you’re experiencing extreme 5G connectivity issues on your Pixel phone. Even so, do keep in mind that this is still beta software, which can occasionally be unstable.

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