If you’re fond of animals, I’m confident that this will be the best news you read today. In a heartwarming gesture, Google has launched the #PixelPawtraits initiative, aiming to assist animal shelters in capturing the perfect moments for their furry residents with the Pixel 8 Pro ‘Pawtraits Kit.’

In a post on X, from Google Pixel US, the company acknowledged the impact that subpar photos can have on adoption rates, stating that pixelated, blurry images with poor lighting often hinder potential pet adoptions. To address this issue, the company is offering Pixel Pawtraits Kits to eligible animal shelters, providing them with the tools needed to take high-quality adoption photos.

It’s widely accepted that the Google Pixel 8 Pro offers one of the best cameras on a smartphone. I can’t think of any other route Google could have taken to both promote its latest flagship as well as help animals in shelters find their forever homes. Of course, I might be biased here because I’ve always had pets in my home and think everyone could do with one.

Nevertheless, Google claims its Pixel 8 Pro ‘Pawtrait Kits’ will be available to “select animal shelters in the US”. Those who manage animal shelters can request a kit by filling out the Pixel Pawtraits Kit request form. You’ll have to provide information such as the shelter name, address, link to website, and even information on shelter practices.

Google says “we can’t guarantee that every shelter who requests a kit will receive one,” however, “we will review every request and be in touch with the shelters that are selected.” As for the contents of the ‘Pawtraits Kit’, Google will provide the Pixel 8 Pro, a camera stand, backdrops, and dog toys.

Apart from #PixelPawtraits, Google is also helping out with dog adoptions in Southern California with The Animal Pad Dog Rescue.

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