COD Modern Warfare 3 (MWIII) mouse input bug continues to persist

Since the launch of COD MWIII (Modern Warfare 3), it has encountered a rather tumultuous beginning. Afflicted by issues in terms of gameplay and performance, some players are now vocal about severe input bug and problems with mouse controls in MWIII.

Mouse input bug and issues in COD MWIII

According to search results, several problems related to mouse input have been reported by players in Modern Warfare III (MWIII) 2023. Some players have conveyed that the mouse input feels off, particularly when using automatic weapons, making it challenging to control vertical recoil.

Others have complained that the mouse aim seems sluggish when aiming down sights (ADS), resembling an input delay, and described it as feeling “floaty.” Additionally, some players have noted that mouse acceleration is enabled by default on PC and remains unresolved since the beta.

MWIII Mouse input bug report

To tackle these issues, players have experimented with adjusting their mouse settings, including sensitivity and calibration options, in an attempt to discover the optimal configuration that enables accurate and responsive aiming.


In conclusion, MWIII 2023 exhibits various mouse input issues, encompassing challenges with recoil control, ADS, and mouse acceleration. Nevertheless, players have devised potential workarounds that might alleviate these problems.

Potential workarounds

Despite a growing number of player reports, there has been no update from the developers regarding this issue. Frustrated by the problem, players have devised their own solutions.

Many recommend affected players to set the ‘Aiming Input Device’ to ‘Mouse’ in the MWIII settings menu. Some players have reported success in mitigating the issues by lowering the mouse polling rate and disabling any background mouse-specific software.

Additionally, players can attempt to tweak the game’s script using the method outlined in the tweet below:

Making adjustments to the game’s script could have significant repercussions. We strongly advise using this method only if absolutely necessary.

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