Unveiling the comprehensive range of offerings within Taiwan Mobile’s 5G project specifically tailored for the Google Pixel 8 Series. Brace yourself as we embark on a journey filled with a wave of bonuses and even free momo coins – quite intriguing, don’t you think? Now, let’s seamlessly transition into a detailed exploration of this captivating tech bonanza.


Taiwan Mobile’s 5G project Google Pixel 8 Series: Offers and discounts

So, what’s the buzz all about? Taiwan Mobile is currently rolling out a diverse array of enticing deals for those jumping on board their 5G project featuring the Google Pixel 8 Series. Ranging from momo coins to exclusive streaming services and gaming perks, it’s undeniably a tech enthusiast’s dream come true. These incredible deals are up for grabs until December 31. Now, let’s dive into the detailed breakdown of all the offers based on the Taiwan Mobile’s 5G project of your choice.

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Momo Coins galore: A thousand reasons to smile

Let’s kick off the excitement with the Momo Coins extravaganza. By enrolling in a 5G project with a monthly rent of TWD 999 ($31) or above at the myfone online store, you unlock a shower of TWD 1,000 ($31) in momo coins. Picture this: you apply, get approved, and voilà, a bonus of TWD 1,000 ($31)in momo coins is swiftly making its way to your account.

Disney+ magic: Your ticket to streaming paradise

But that’s not all. How about some Disney+ magic? For those opting for the 5G project, there’s an opportunity to snag the Premium or Standard plan at discounted rates. And if you’re already on board before October 31, 2020, existing users get billed seamlessly through their Taiwan Mobile phone bill. Stream your favorite Disney classics and more without breaking a sweat.

Maximize your momo rewards: Shop, save, repeat

Now, for the shopping enthusiasts, here’s a gem. Apply for a 5G project with a TWD 1399 ($44) or above designated tariff mobile phone, provide your momo membership number, and during the contract period, if you splurge up to TWD 15,000 ($469) on momo shopping monthly, enjoy a fantastic 750 yuan ($103) momo coin rebate. It’s like getting a bonus for your shopping spree – who wouldn’t love that?

Game on with GeForce NOW: Level up your gaming experience

Venturing into the realm of gaming perks, for the gaming aficionados, applying for the 5G TWD 599/799/999/1199 ($19/25/31/38) type project opens the doors to a free month of GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. Furthermore, if you’re going big with the TWD 1399 ($44) or above projects, brace yourself for three months of free use of the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service platinum plan – an absolute win for the gamers among us.

Sweet discounts for renewals: Because loyalty deserves rewards

Attention, Diamond VIP users! Now, if you’re in the process of renewing your contract and applying for models TWD 1399 ($44) or above, here’s the scoop: you can relish in discounts of up to TWD 5,000 ($157). It’s akin to receiving a loyalty bonus, rendering your renewal even sweeter. In essence, a win-win situation, wouldn’t you agree?

Google Pixel 8 series exclusive: Momo coins galore

Now, let’s talk Google Pixel 8 Series exclusives. From November 15 to December 31, applying for the 5G TWD 999 ($31) model or above designated mobile phones (Google Pixel 8 Pro/ Google Pixel 8) and binding it for 24/30/36 months (excluding 48 months) means a momo coin windfall. Get the Google Pixel 8 Pro, and you’ll be graced with 4,000 yuan ($552) of momo coins. Opt for the Google Pixel 8, and a generous 2,000 yuan ($276) of momo coins are yours for the taking.

Free trials: KKBOX, MyVideo, and YouTube Premium

And because Taiwan Mobile wants you to experience more, there are free trials up for grabs. Apply for designated projects and enjoy KKBOX free for three months. Plus, get 12 months of MyVideo luxury monthly rent for free. If that’s not enough, Taiwan Mobile throws in up to the first four months of YouTube Premium free. It’s like a buffet of entertainment trials – the more, the merrier!

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Supercharge your connectivity: 1Gbps fiber optic internet

Last but certainly not least, for individuals yearning for lightning-fast internet, Taiwan Mobile has got you covered. So, what’s the solution? By applying for the 5G TWD 1599 ($50) type tariff and adding 1Gbps fiber optic Internet access with a 24-month contract, you can experience starting rates from TWD 749 ($23)/month. Now, envision seamless browsing, gaming, and streaming all at the speed of light, right at your fingertips!


In conclusion, Taiwan Mobile’s 5G project for the Google Pixel 8 Series is a tech wonderland waiting to be explored. With bonuses, momo coins, streaming delights, and gaming perks, it’s a tech lover’s dream come true. So, what are you waiting for?

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