Starfield demand fix for 'save game' issues & save feature while shipbuilding

Bethesda’s ‘Skyrim in space’ Starfield has reportedly encountered issues with the save game system. According to reports, Starfield save files are not loading, or they place players in inescapable limbo-like spaces. There have also been demands for a ‘save’ option during the shipbuilding menu in Starfield.

Starfield players demand a fix for the ‘save game’ limbo issue

Starfield is a massive open-world game that takes up to 100 or more hours to finish. That is why the save system is quite necessary for the game’s experience. However, due to errors in the load game and save game functions, the gaming experience is becoming quite problematic for players.

According to reports, players are encountering a “failed to create save game” error. Sometimes, when they load the game, they are dropped into a black limbo-like space where their character can’t move or take any action.

Starfield save game shipbuilding report

Save game issues had previously surfaced following an update to the game. Many players reported having problems saving their games, and some complained that their save files were getting corrupted.

Although the issue was acknowledged back then, problems with save files still seem to persist. As reports piled up, players have suggested potential workarounds:

  1. Check Permissions and Antivirus/Firewall Settings: Ensure that the game has the necessary permissions and is not being blocked by antivirus or firewall software. Whitelisting the game and its save folders may help resolve the issue.
  2. Disable OneDrive Sync: If OneDrive is enabled, it may interfere with the game’s save process. Disabling OneDrive sync for the Documents folder, where “Starfield” saves its game files, could potentially resolve the problem.
  3. Reinstall Gamer Profile (Xbox): For Xbox players, deleting and reinstalling the gamer profile has been suggested as a fix. This process allows the game to sync back up without loss of gameplay.

All of these workarounds are mostly based on user-based reports. There is no official certainty if they will work or not.

How to Save while shipbuilding is starfield?

In addition to the ongoing save game issues, players have reported the lack of a ‘save system’ during the extensive shipbuilding procedure.

Starfield save game shipbuilding report 2

Shipbuilding is a vital aspect of the game, allowing players to create and customize their own space-faring vessels. However, it is a lengthy process, and due to the absence of a save system, players couldn’t leave the menu without finishing customizing their ships.

Although there is no official acknowledgment or fix for this demand, a player on the official subreddit has shared a potential solution.

Tip on how to save ship in progress (building)
byu/balltongueee inStarfield

According to the player, when in a hurry, players can just add the essentials and make a rough skeleton of the desired ship. After adding the essentials, players can save and leave the game, returning to finish the ship later.

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