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Some Google Pixel 8 users have taken to Nest community and Reddit to report that they aren’t getting notifications from the old Nest app. While Google’s goal is to move control of all its products over to the Google Home app, the Nest app still remains the go-to for some.


Google Nest app not sending notifications to Pixel 8 users

Based on the timeline of reports, it appears that the issue was present on Pixel 8 devices since their release in October. So a recent system or app update cannot be blamed here. Moreover, the issue persists for users even after the November update.

According to affected users, the app won’t send any notifications on their Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro units. However, notifications work as expected when they use the Nest app on other Pixel models. Naturally, this has left many users frustrated as they aren’t even getting notifications when the smoke detector goes off. So it’s clear Google needs to fix the problem immediately.


Potential troubleshooting steps

Even though reports about the problem have been consistently coming in for over a month, Google is yet to acknowledge the problem publicly. A ‘Community Specialist’ on the Nest forums shared some troubleshooting steps that you can try out. The first involves disabling and re-enabling notification permissions for the Nest app. The second involves toggling off notifications from within the Nest app and re-enabling them after 60 seconds.

If this doesn’t help fix the problem, the specialist suggests that you’ll need to share the following information to assist with the investigation:

  • Make and model of all the mobile devices used to test.
  • Android OS version.
  • Nest app version.


This indicates that the Nest team might be aware of the problem and are actively trying to figure out the root cause of the bug. While most reports clearly mention that the bug only affects the Nest app, there’s a report from a month ago mentioning that the same happened on the Home app too.


I came across a few recent reports as well confirming that installing the latest v5.73.0.3 update didn’t fix the problem either. So affected users can only hope for Google to release a fix soon.

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