MWIII players are reporting an issue where they keep getting pulled into the same Dr. Jansen Extraction mission. The devs have acknowledged the problem, and a fix is in the works.

Players getting pulled into MWIII Dr. Jansen extraction mission

The mission’s objective is to gain access to Dr. Jansen’s coordinates and bring him in for questioning. To achieve this, players must collect the tablet to ensure access to the coordinates.

Once the tablet is collected, a new XO location with a star next to it will appear on the map, located in the medium threat zone. This is where players will call in the XO helicopter to take them to Dr. Jansen’s coordinates.

However, according to reports, players are repeatedly getting pulled into this mission, even if they are not willing to continue. This issue has halted many players from proceeding from ACT 1 to ACT 2.

Modern Warfare 3 Jansen mission report

Going through the dev notes, it seems the issue is not limited to the Dr. Jansen mission. Players who are eligible for a Story Mission but do not participate in the Story Mission Exfil are automatically queued into the story if a different squad initiates it.

Acknowledgement and workarounds

As player reports pile up, devs have finally taken the step towards fixing the issue for good. According to the official Trello board, the devs have already scheduled a fix.

MWIII Jansen mission ack

But until the fix is issued, here are some workarounds shared by the players that can offer some temporary solutions:

  1. Resetting the game could potentially solve the issue.
  2. Press Alt+F4 during the loading scene of the mission and restart the mission.

Although the fix is scheduled, there isn’t an official release date for the fix so far.

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