If you’ve been troubled by the persistent bug where you can’t hear any sound or music played through Spotify on Android Auto after the Android 14 update, then you’d be pleased to know that an investigation is underway.


After installing the Android 14 update, many Android Auto users reported that they weren’t able to hear their music from Spotify. The track plays as usual, but there’s no sound coming out. This weird bug can only be attributed to the Android 14 update since that’s the only variable that changed.

When the new Android OS began rolling out to Pixel users, we did pick up reports from people who were facing the issue, but there was no official word from Google about the problem. Luckily, Google recently confirmed that the Android Auto team is currently investigating user reports about the issue.

Apart from confirming that the investigation is underway, Google didn’t share any other details such as an ETA for a fix or potential reasons for the bug. Reports about the problem still keep trickling in, so it’s clear that Google has its work cut out to address the widespread problem.


At present, there are only a couple of workarounds to the problem. One involves simply skipping over the Android Auto app and connecting your smartphone directly to your car’s infotainment system. Alternatively, you can consider downgrading to Android 13. However, I’d only recommend taking this step if you absolutely need to use Android Auto and Spotify together.

Having said that, we’ll let you know when a fix for the no-sound bug with Spotify on Android Auto goes live. So stay tuned to PiunikaWeb for more details on the matter, and other similar issues.

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