Are you a fan of Google Pixel phones and looking for great deals in Italy? If so, you are in luck, because I’ve done the research for you and found some of the best offers available right now. Whether you want the latest and greatest Pixel 8 Pro, the affordable and reliable Pixel 8, or the previous generation Pixel 7 series, you can save some money and enjoy the benefits of Google’s flagship devices.

Here are some of the best Google Pixel deals available in Italy

In this section, I’ll tell you where to find the best prices, discounts, and bundles for the Pixel phones in Italy. Read on to find out more.

Google Pixel 8 Pro deals

The latest smartphone released by the company is the Google Pixel 8 Pro and it can be yours for €966 ($1,030.63) instead of €1099 ($1,172.52), if you buy it from eBay in Black or Blue color (128 GB variant).


However, the offer on eBay is not so tempting when it comes to the 256 GB variant of Pixel 8 Pro. Apparently, this model is available for €1,130.40 ($1,205.91) as against the original price of €1,199 ($1,278.7). So, you only save almost €75 ($79.99) off of this deal but it’s also worth it.

Google Pixel 8 deals

The Google Pixel 8 with 128 GB storage in available on Amazon for €729 ($777.48) instead of €799 ($851.97), in all colors (Obsidian Black, Gray Green, Rose). The Pixel 8 with 256 GB storage capacity, on the other hand, is available for €789 ($841.31) instead of €859 ($916.12) on Amazon.


On eBay, you can seize an unmissable opportunity to buy the Google Pixel 8 5G (128GB) for only €673.70 ($718.57) instead of €748.70 ($798.56) using the “NOVEDAYS” coupon.

Also, on eBay , another seller is offering the Google Pixel 8 (128 GB storage) at a price of €673.70 ($718.70), including VAT and shipping. The version of Pixel 8 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory, is available at the price of €720.50 ($768.77) (VAT and shipping included) by the same seller.

Google Pixel 7 deals

Moving on to the Google Pixel 7, I managed to find some tempting deals for this series as well. That said, the 128 GB internal memory Pixel 7 in its black variant (Obsidian Black), is available on Amazon for €515.78 ($550.60), including shipping.


The Pixel 7 in white color and 128 GB variant, is also available on eBay at a price of €431.28 ($460.26) including VAT and shipping as against its official price of €649 ($692.55). The Obsidian Black-colored Pixel 7 with 128 GB of storage, on the other hand, is also available for €429.16 ($458.13) instead of €649 ($692.68) on eBay.

Google Pixel 7a deals

If you’re someone specifically looking for amazing Google Pixel 7a deals in Italy, then worry not because I’ve got you covered on that too. Firstly, Amazon is offering the Pixel 7a (128 GB) in Charcoal Gray color for €451.95 ($482.23) including the shipping costs.


You can even get your hands on the Pixel 7a Unlocked variant with 128 GB storage capacity in Light Blue color for €455.95 ($486.50) instead of €509.00 ($543.10) on Amazon.

There is a decent Pixel 7a deal on eBay as well. The 128 GB variant is available for €390.91 ($417.26), including VAT and shipping instead of €509 ($543.31).

Google Pixel 6a deals

I also came across a good Google Pixel 6a deal and thought that you wouldn’t want to miss it. This deal is worth highlighting as you can save €60 ($64.04) if you purchase the Pixel 6a from the official Google store for €349 ($372.45) instead of €409 ($436.44). Do note that the offer is valid till December 31.

To wrap up, the Google Pixel phones are some of the best smartphones you can buy in Italy right now. They have amazing features and performance that can compete with any other flagship device in the market. Whether you want to buy the Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 8, or Pixel 7 series, you can find the best deal for your budget and needs. We hope this article has helped you make a smart choice and enjoy your new Google Pixel phone.

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