Following the new update, many reports express disappointment about the overhauled systems in the new COD HQ launcher. In the update, developers have combined all the new COD games, including MWII, Warzone 2, and MWIII, making it a hassle to switch between them.

New Call of Duty launcher, COD HQ, upsets players

The latest Call of Duty HQ update has integrated Modern Warfare 3 into the HQ launcher, replacing Modern Warfare 2 as the main game. This update has unified MW3 with Warzone and MW2 in a single application, and all current games are now consolidated under a single app called Call Of Duty HQ.

The update has a whopping 135GB size on consoles. Unfortunately, those wanting to play Modern Warfare 2 will now need to look a bit harder. Players looking to hop into a match of Modern Warfare 2 must load up the Call Of Duty HQ app and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the menus.

Being forced to access Modern Warfare 2 this way is an annoying process that requires a few extra button presses and a forced delay as the application works to load up the MW2 menus. The Call of Duty HQ launcher has been confusing for many players, and Activision has released an explainer to help players navigate the system.

COD HQ launcher report

Also, the HQ Launcher launches MWIII at the start, and to play any other title, players have to relaunch the application. Making the process even more tedious for many.

Forcing players to install MWIII

Another absurd feature of this new launcher is that players have to install the updates, DLCs, and updates of each of the games to play any of them. According to various reports, players were forced to download content for MWIII despite not owning it.

COD HQ launcher

According to a player, they had to download a full update, even if they only played MWII, compromising almost their entire storage. So far, there hasn’t been any update or statement from Activision regarding these issues.

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