5 safety features on Google Pixel phones and watches you should know about

In a world where personal safety is of utmost importance, having reliable and easily accessible safety features on your smartphone or wearable device can make all the difference. So in this article I’ll walk through the five safety features on Google Pixel phones and watches that you should know about.

Personal Safety App: A Central Hub for Emergency Information

The Personal Safety app serves as a centralized repository for crucial emergency information. You can store vital details such as blood type, allergies, and medications, which can be accessed from the lock screen if needed. In the event of an emergency, this information can be shared with first responders to ensure appropriate and timely medical assistance.


It’s essential to keep this information up to date for seamless access during critical situations. For those concerned about privacy, Google claims all the data is stored locally on the device. The app is available on the Pixel 4a and later models by default. But you can get it on the Pixel 3 and earlier models too. To do that, you need to go to Settings > About phone > Tap Emergency information. In the banner at the top of the screen, tap Update.

Emergency SOS: A Lifeline at Your Fingertips

The Emergency SOS feature provides a quick and efficient way to call for help in dire circumstances. By pressing the power button five times, you can trigger the Emergency SOS function, which can be customized to call emergency services, share location with selected contacts, and even record and send a video automatically. On Pixel Watches, a similar function can be activated by pressing the crown. The function is available on Pixel 4a and later devices. One thing to keep in mind is that the service doesn’t work when your phone is in Airplane mode or when the battery saver is on.


Scheduled Safety Checks: Stay Connected and Secure

The Scheduled Safety Checks feature is designed to keep loved ones informed about your well-being, especially during activities where you may be out of reach. To schedule a safety check using your phone’s Personal Safety app, follow these steps: Open the app and tap on ‘Safety check.’ Choose your desired reason and duration, ranging from 15 minutes to 8 hours, and proceed by tapping ‘Next.’ Select the contacts you want to notify during the safety check, and then tap ‘Start.’


If you’ve enabled notifications for your emergency contacts, they will receive a text containing your name, the duration of the safety check, and any provided reason. During the safety check, you’ll receive a 60-second alert before Emergency sharing initiates. To cancel it, mark yourself safe. You can also stop the safety check at any time through the notification. If you fail to respond within 60 seconds, Emergency sharing will commence. Upon receiving the notification, choose one of the following options: ‘I’m OK. Don’t Share,’ ‘Start sharing now’ (to end future safety checks), or ‘Call 911.’ You may have to unlock your phone to choose an action, if the device is locked.

Car Crash and Fall Detection: Automatic Assistance in Critical Situations

Pixel Watches come equipped with fall detection capabilities that can detect sudden falls and promptly initiate assistance protocols if necessary. Additionally, the Car Crash Detection feature can sense severe collisions and promptly connect you with emergency services, along with the option to notify pre-selected contacts. Earlier this year, reports highlighted an incident where the feature helped save an unconscious man from being trapped in overturned vehicle for hours.


This just goes to show that these safety features aren’t just gimmicks to dismiss. Google recently made the Car Crash detection to Pixel owners in a few other countries. It’s also worth noting that Car Crash detection is only supported on Pixel 3 and later models.

Crisis Alerts: Stay Informed During Emergencies

Crisis Alerts offer real-time notifications about potential natural disasters or public emergencies in your vicinity. By enabling this feature, you can receive timely updates and access relevant information through the Personal Safety app. This ensures that you stay well-informed and prepared in the face of challenging situations, allowing you to take necessary precautions and seek help if required.

Matter of fact, after the recent deadly earthquake in Nepal, many users from parts on India flocked to X to mention that they were alerted about the nearby earthquake in a timely manner. Here’s one such example:


With these advanced safety features, Google continues to prioritize user security and well-being, empowering users to navigate their daily lives with confidence and assurance. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or navigating through the hustle and bustle of daily life, Google Pixel phones and watches have you covered, ensuring that your safety is never compromised. Google highlighted these five features in their recent blogpost too.

That said, some of these features are available on Android devices from other OEMs too. So it’s good to see companies taking steps to ensure the safety of their users.

Featured image: Google Guidebooks

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