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Google is on the verge of rolling out a fix for the storage bug that affected some Pixel devices with the Android 14 update. The glitch triggered complications, such as inaccessibility to local files and devices being stuck in a continuous bootloop, resulting in crashes.

Android 14 storage media bug on Pixel devices

Initial reports only highlighted the bug affecting Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users who encountered difficulties accessing their local data or facing persistent crashes. However, we later noticed Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and 7a users also reporting an issue that popped up due to the same bug. Users claimed that they were stuck on a screen saying ‘Pixel is starting.’

Another consequence of this bug is the inability to open the camera app or download files due to false indications of full storage capacity. Google later acknowledged that the root cause of this issue was the utilization of multiple user profiles on a single device.


A fix will begin rolling out soon

In an update to the blog post where the issue was acknowledged, the company has confirmed that it is now implementing an update that will restore the affected devices to a functional state over the next two weeks. However, for users confronted with more severe issues, such as being stuck in a bootloop with no access to their phones, this update might not be able to recover lost data.

Consequently, some Pixel owners might have to resort to a factory reset, which would erase all data on the device. Individuals who can access their phones will be required to complete a form to receive the test OTA update.


This issue was first reported on platforms like Reddit a few weeks ago, with subsequent posts on the Pixel support forums. Luckily, Google was quick to acknowledge the problem and has now confirmed the much-awaited fix is upcoming.

Google claims that they are testing the update. Affected users can fill up this form with their email information and confirm if their device is repeatedly rebooting due to the bug.


For users who have not backed up their data or are unable to do so, retrieving their existing data might pose a challenge. In the same blogpost, Google encourages such users to seek assistance from their support services.

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